ENE 01 Reduction of energy use and CO2 emissions

What is it?

The aim of this BREEAM issue is to recognize and encourage buildings designed to minimise operational energy demand, consumption and CO2 emissions. The assessment criteria we follow to demonstrate compliance includes the calculation of the Energy Performance Ratio for New Constructions (EPRNC) using BREEAM’s Ene 01 calculator.  This calculator takes into account parameters such as building´s primary energy consumption, building´s operational energy demand and the total resulting CO2 emissions. The performance data we need to undertake the assessment and energy model comes as follow:

  • Building floor area
  • Notional building energy demand
  • Actual building energy demand
  • Notional building energy consumption
  • Actual building energy consumption
  • Target Emission Rate
  • Building Emission Rate

What is it for?


The new methodology used to determine the credits achieved in the ENE-1 assessment, considers three metrics of modelled building performance when determining the number of credits achieved for this issue: Energy demand, primary energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

In ECOstudio XV® LTD we promote buildings to decrease energy demand and consumption of CO2 emissions. Our Accredited Energy Assessors rely in approved building energy calculation software to study operation data and performance.


  • Comply with criterion 1 of Part L2a, having the building emissions rate (BER) to be below the target emissions rate (TER).
  • Comply with minimum standards as per criterion 2 of Part L2a.
  • Comply with Criterion 3, passive control measures to limit solar gains.

Finished Projects


Castle Hill
Primary School


Crest Academies


Beal School


Ferrybridge Multi
Fuel Plant


Crayford Town Hall


Stockwell School


Holly Haven